About Us

America's Forgotten Heroes is run by K9 handlers and veterinarians dedicated to honoring the invaluable service, loyalty and sacrifices of America's Search-and Rescue Dogs, Police Dogs and Military Working Dogs, past and present.

Our mantra is Remember-Honor-Celebrate so we transformed a 1991 ambulance into an extraordinary rolling tribute to Search-and-Rescue (SAR), Police and Military Working Dogs - America’s Forgotten Heroes. Hundreds of thousands of people owe their lives to the courage and devotion of these animals, yet the dogs are oftentimes forgotten. So the America's Forgotten Heroes tribute vehicle was created to tell their stories.

The vehicle tours military bases, makes appearances at law enforcement award ceremonies and police dog events, pet expos, parades, schools, Boys & Girls Clubs and other public events raising awareness and honoring these four-legged heroes as well as their handlers.

The America’s Forgotten Heroes Tribute vehicle was created to Remember these devoted animals, Honor their courage and sacrifices, and Celebrate the human-canine bond.


The America's Forgotten Heroes Fallen K9 & Handler Table

We vow to never forget our fallen, to always talk about the kind of men and women they were, how they served, how they died. And we vow to keep their families in our prayers. In canis confiderus.